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DVD Mère Bi (la mère) - Ousmane William Mbaye
  • DVD Mère Bi (la mère) - Ousmane William Mbaye

DVD Mère Bi (la mère) - Ousmane William Mbaye

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Filmed by her son, this is the portrait of Annette Mbaye d'Erneville, also known as "Mère-bi" (Mother). Originally trained to become a teacher, she moved to Paris after the war, formed ties with the African intelligentsia and studied journalism. She returned to Senegal to become the first female journalist there.

Format: PAL ST Français


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enegal’s first  journalist, now 82 rainy seasons old, Annette Mbaye d’Erneville has been very early, concerned by the development of her country . Militant from the first hours of the woman's emancipation cause, she has been a pioneer activist and anti-conformist.
"Capturing a generation of pioneers who are our mothers, capturing my mother!"

Born in Sokone in 1926 as a child of the colonial period, she is "torn "by her education “vieille France"  and her love for her country of origin and Serer tradition.
During her university education in Paris in 1947, she immersed herself in the intellectual circles of the 50s and met those who built  the independence throughout Africa.

© 2008. Autoproduction - INA - Les Films Mame Yande

a film by Ousmane William Mbaye

There, she founded a family, recorded her firsts radio programs, got a journalism diploma. In 1957, she returned to Senegal to serve her country. !
The Senegalese writer, Boubacar Boris Diop, described  Annette d’Erneville, as follows:
"It is that having lived our century as a true communication woman, a lot of other destinies encountered hers . . . her memory is still sharp and when we listen to her, it is so surprising to hear her recount so many famous historic characters or unknown people and most of all, from so many different generations."


Réalisation / Direction : Ousmane William Mbaye
Scénario / Screenplay : Ousmane William Mbaye
Image / Director of Photography : Ousmane William Mbaye
Son / Sound : Ousmane William Mbaye
Musique / Music : Doudou DOUKOURÉ
Montage / Editing : Laurence ATTALI
Mixage : Laurent Thomas, Anne Louis


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Diretor/a :
Ousmane William Mbaye
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Français - English