CD Ravity - Rola Gamana
  • CD Ravity - Rola Gamana

CD Ravity - Rola Gamana

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With Ravity Rola Gamana combines modern compositions and musical influences from different regions of Madagascar. Polyinstrumentist, on the lookout for natural resources (wood, shells, bamboo), he manufactures himself wind instruments, string or percussion appropriating the sounds of each material to invent its own "sound" combined with the guitar.



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Emblematic musician of the acoustic-traditional Malagasy scene, Rola Gamana invites us to discover his homeland: Madagascar. This album combines modern compositions and traditional musical influences from different regions of the Big Island.

His songs are about everyday life, friendship, environment and customs in Madagascar.
Polyinstrumentist, Rola Gamana invents his own instruments, from natural resources.
He manufactures wind instruments, strings, and percussion, each with its own sound and its singularity. Creating his own world, riginal and unique.







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Rola Gamana began playing guitar as a teenager and his musical career started when he joined the group Rajery in 1993. Since then he has become one of the best Malagasy guitarists.

He has played with artists such as Lego, Samoela, Olombelo Ricky Ghomi Rahamefy... and composed the music for documentary films.

In 2001, he meets the producer Pascal Mourard, producer (Gecko Music Prod) who records with him sampler sounds and produces his album "Ravity" (2006).

He also explored various arts during his work with the Malagasy dance company Vahinala. He has collaborated with choreographer Ariry Andriamoratsiresy, the painter Raphael Hemerson or Simonet, director.
In June 2006, Rola Gamana participated with other Malagasy musicians in a professional workshop led by DJ Oil and Jeff Sharel two French musicians (Electro).

In September 2008, Rola and musicians are invited to play in France by the Festival Francophonies in Limousin. Thanks to the association "Hors Circuit" it will also give them the opportunity to perform at the Grand Rex as opening act for Youssou'N'Dour. The concert entitled "The Round continents", is given for the benefit of organizations that contribute to improve the living conditions (health and education) of children in Colombia, Togo, Madagascar and Vietnam.

In April 2010, Rola, as composer and artistic coordinator presents at the Cultural Centre Albert Camus in Antananarivo the show Alamaneno: a transdisciplinary creation, mixing stage arts, visual arts, writing and music.

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