PACK FAHAVALO, Madagascar 1947
  • PACK FAHAVALO, Madagascar 1947

PACK FAHAVALO, Madagascar 1947 DVD+CD

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DVD + CD "Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947".



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When Malagasy soldiers came back from WWII, they expected De Gaulle to give them independence for fighting along with France against Nazis. Instead, they were asked to return to their indigenous status.They soon became the leaders of an uprising, harshly repressed by the French colonial authorities. The last witnesses tell us about their long months of resistance in the jungle, armed only with spears, machetes and talismans. Interweaving archives with these rare and heartfelt testimonies, the film unfolds an unknown story of rebellion.

Documentary of the world award - 42d World Films Festival - Montréal, Canada
Special Mention - JCC Carthage, Tunisia

“Content and form go hand in hand. […] At the same time as you experience a historical event told as old men and women remember it - the insurrection against power and colonialism - it is also, through the images, giving the viewer a sense of the island of today.” FILMKOMMENTAREN


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