BLU-RAY Opéra Maraina
  • BLU-RAY Opéra Maraina

BLU-RAY Opéra Maraina

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« Maraina » is the first opera created in the Indian Ocean, composed by Jean-Luc Trulès with a libretto by Emmanuel Genvrin. It relates the story of the first settlers of the Reunion Island. It has been recorded the 27th and 28th of June 2009 at the Silvia Monfort theater in Paris. 

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Blu-ray of « Maraina », the first opera created in the Indian Ocean, composed by Jean-Luc Trulès and libretto by Emmanuel Genvrin. It has been recorded by Cesar Paes at the Theater Silvia Monfort in Paris, in June 2009.

the argument:

In 1665, a dozen of adventurers (10 Malagasy and 2 French mutineers) leave Fort-Dauphin in Madagascar to plant tobacco and aloes in the island La Reunion. Louis Payen, the leader of the expedition, discovers that his petty officer, Jean Managna, is also lusting after the pretty Maraina. Jean escapes and leads the group of Malagasy in the heights of the island, marries Maraina and proclaims himself king. Ravelo, one of the three women of the island, mad with jealousy, insinuates that Maraina is pregnant with the French Louis Payen, while, Jean the Malagasy believes he is the father…


Aurore Ugolin (Soprano) is Marie-Maraina
Steeve Mai (Baryton) is Jean-Managna
Karim Bouzra (Tenor) is Louis Payen
Landy Andriamboavonjy (Soprano) is Ravelo
Josselin Michalon (Baryton) is Montaubon

And the Symphonic Orchestra of Massy


Libretto: Emmanuel Genvrin
Music: Jean-Luc Trulès


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Running time:
Surround 5.1 and stereo
Français, Malagasy