CD Saudade do Futuro - original soundtrack
  • CD Saudade do Futuro - original soundtrack

CD Saudade do Futuro - original soundtrack

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This Cd is a tribute to the art of improvisation in Sao Paulo



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This CD was produced by Laterit productions, the independant company who also produced the film. 19 out of 20 tracks of this CD were especially recorded for the film. It is a tribute to the art of improvisation, that is so deeply rooted in the Nordestino culture of repente. In fact, musical improvisation, as in the repentes, emboladas, chorinhos, forrós, and even jazz, is the main narration of the film. The rhymes of the emboladores (tambourine and voice duos) are all improvised and recorded on the spot, in the streets (2, 11 , 17); the verse of the violeiros (guitar and voice duos as in track 4) were also improvised, even if recorded in a studio. The chorinhos (6, 13, 19), and frevo (16), played by the Bando de Macambira are the result of improvised meetings between musicians on Saturday mornings, in the back of an instrument shop in São Paulo. They use to play together, following the inspiration of the day. That day, the theme was, as in the film : the Nordestino tells São Paulo. The forró at “Xote das Meninas" (10) was recorded in a little dance hall stuck below a highway in the outskirts of São Paulo; and behind Zé Honório’s accordion, you will be able to hear the step of the dancers and the clicking of the glasses, as if you were there. The chorinhos (3, 18), frevo (12) and forrós (5, 15) recorded in a studio were also improvised and played in live conditions and in only one take. Then, at the end of the editing of the film, Thomas Rohrer and Fábio Freire improvised their themes (1, 7, 14, 20) directly on the images. All the lyrics have been transcripted into Portuguese to let you have a try at the “tie-tongue”. But they are also translated in rhyme in French and in English to let you share the skill of our street poets…



#1. Saudade do Futuro : Tema / Thomas Rohrer & Fabio Freire 3'12

#2. Trava lingua : Cara com cara é careta / Sonhador & Peneira 2'53

#3. Bicho Carpinteiro / Marco Cesar & Ezequias Lira 6'20

#4. Gemedeira : Eldorado dos Sonhos / Sebastião Marinho & Andorinha 2'58

#5. Esquenta Mulher / Famille Biano 2'35

#6. Olho d'Agua / Bando de Macambira 3'50

#7. Saudade do Futuro : Policia / Thomas Rohrer & Fabio Freire 1'27

#8. Boa Noite ! / Assis Angelo 36"

#9. Clarice / Fatel 2'43

#10. Forro no Xote das Meninas / Zé Honorio 2'43

#11. Embolada O Nordestino em São Paulo / Sonhador & Peneira 2'55

#12. A Banda no Frevo / Marco Cesar & Ezequias Lira 1'52

#13. Pedaço de Alagoas / Bando de Macambira 2'41

#14. Saudade do Futuro : Construçao / Thomas Rohrer & Fabio Freire 1'54

#15. Arrasta Pé no Paioção / Trio de Zé Honorio 2'10

#16. Ultimo Dia / Bando de Macambira 2'58

#17. Embolada de Côco em desafio na Vaquejada / Terezinha & Palito 1'54

#18. Lela não tem reclamado / Marco Cesar & Ezequias Lira 1'38

#19. Quixeramobim / Bando de Macambira 2'29

#20. Saudade do Futuro : Tema (Remix) / Thomas Rohrer & Fabio Freire 3'12


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