CD Hevero - Rola Gamana
  • CD Hevero - Rola Gamana
  • CD Hevero - Rola Gamana

CD Hevero - Rola Gamana

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A Malagasy folk music inhabited by unusual, natural and delicate sounds. A journey into a world of wonderful sounds, with Rola Gamana ...


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© 2012. Rola Gamana


The music of Rola is rooted in the spirit of traditional Malagasy music and its relationship to nature. A warm voice, carried by an original guitar sound, close to blues. Multiple instruments and sound objects are combined to create an enchanting world that transports us to the heart of nature, forests of Cape Amber and Masoala, and the Pangalane channel.



1. Masoala 3'41

2. Hevero (Think!) 7'30

3. Pangalana 5'57

4. Zanakira fahavaratra (little summer song) 3'44

5. Cap d'Ambre 3'25

6. Veromanitra (lemon grass) 2'53

7. Very Ala (the lost forest) 6'30

8. Volatiana 3'32

9. Besobeso (the bass) 4'32

10. Atsaharo (Stop!) 6'51

11. Vakana (pearls) 5'35

12. Tsiky kely (little smile) 3'57


Rola Gamana : guitare, voix, percussion et arc musical

Andry : tambour et accessoires

Tiana : calebasse


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